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Get Your Book Formatted & Print Ready in 3 Days or Less … POSSIBLE?

Would You Be Interested?

So you’re an experienced author, ghost writer, or have just finished writing your first book and need to find a way to format your book for printing as fast as humanly possible…like many you may find the entire process is so intimidating and confusing that you’re not sure where to start.

Imagine Getting Services
Like You’re Spending A Million Bucks

You might have even considered giving up right now and settling for another dime a dozen PDF eBook. On the other hand you continue to desire for your book end up in book shelves and for you to be taken seriously as a writer. Who can you trust to turn your precious word document into a printed book that will sell like comics at a nerd convention?

The truth (which you already know) is that if you really want to launch a successful book (or book series) you’re going to need to work with a kick ass book design company that not only has great prices, lots of experience, and a deep desire for you to succeed. And one who also knows how to format in a way that begs to be read.

Choosing the wrong company to handle your book’s formatting can result in disaster. A book that feels “weird” or looks “cheap” usually ends up in a rusty discount bin with many other failed titles that neither you— nor I have heard of.

But it doesn’t have to be this way… even if you don’t have a large budget to spend on an enterprise book design team.

Not Only Is It Possible
But We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Dear friend,

For over 40 years the book design team at 3DayBookFormatting.com has been making book designs into reality for our authors. It is our belief that authors just like you don’t need to spend a fortune on text layout and book cover design to achieve a commercially viable final product.

The type of product that turned an obscure book like “50 Shades of Grey” into a mega-million dollar baby.

Let us format all of your book’s headers, footers, frontal material, inside cover, testimonials, copyright page, introduction, preface, thanks, body of chapter text, appendices, index and more. We can even design a killer book cover that will draw the eyes of your target market faster than a dart flying across your screen.

And get it all done for you in 3 days.

Explode your career as an author & let us …

* Format your book in a way that begs to be read

* Do it all for only $99 for 100 pages of text

* Get your book ready for print via LSI, Create Space, or any other printer

* Turn your dreams into reality

* Full type-setting and re-formatting of your manuscript

* Proofread your manuscript for you (optional add on)

* Complete the process in 3 days

Order Right Now Only $99 for the First 100 Pages

We know your needs and concerns and will handle your order like a good friend who really wants to see you succeed. You’ve done your best to create an awesome book, so let our designers do the rest & and make sure that when people judge your book by its cover… it’s works in favor of your bottom line.

This Will Be Your Best Decision For Your Future…

…but only if you contact us right now. Tell us the following:

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  3. Do you need cover designed?
  4. Do you need book proof/edited?(if so send one chapter for pricing)
  5. Do you need a ghost writer?
  6. Is this print?
  7. Is this for Amazon Kindle, Barnes/Noble, Apple epub, etc?

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P.S. 24 hour service, for additional $50 charge, is available if you have a book of 100 pages or less.