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Welcome to 3 Day Book Formatting’s end-to-end typesetting, cover design and layout services.

All work is done in our own American-managed, family-owned and operated, in-house facilities.

These services are offered to authors and publishers of all types of books:

  • fiction/novels-illustrated children’s books;
  • young adult books;
  • photo/coffee table books;
  • educational books;
  • medical and legal books;
  • travel books;
  • non-fiction/self-help books;
  • religious books;
  • sports books;
  • complex/instricate books;
  • etc.

These services include start-to-finish book typesetting and layout/design services that transform your manuscript (Word Document) and graphic assets into print-ready PDF print files and ebooks (kindle mobi and epub) files – including corrections. Our services also include professional cover design and layout for the front cover, back cover, and spine, all formatted for printing and ebook production.

Proofreading is available, in-house, as well. Those proofread files are delivered to you, ready for your final review, and we will be happy to load them the LSI/INGRAM/CREATESPACE/LULU (or any other plant, for print) and AMAZON KINDLE, SMASHWORDS, INGRAMSPARK (for ebook) database for worldwide distribution. All of this work is done in-house at with 3 DAY BOOK FORMATTING, a small American-managed, family-owned and operated, in-house facility , providing digital typesetting, format and layout, and digital services worldwide.

This service offers the following advantages:

Ultra-fast turn-around times; most steps completed in 2-3 business days
Highest quality - we meet all the rigid Lightning Source, IngramSpark, Createspace, Lulu, file formatting standards and run pre-flight tests before delivery.

For book interiors, here is how the process works:

  1. You upload your manuscript and any other assets to be included in the work (photos, illustrations, diagrams, charts, math equations, etc.)
  2. We provide a quote for all the interior text typesetting , layout and design and cover design and layout, and digital books in Kindle mobi and epub, within within 24 hours or less. Quotation department operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. If you accept the quote, you arrange payment plan with us. You can choose book interior only, cover design and layout only, or digital kindle mobi and epub – or all of them.
  4. Once payment is arranged, the process begins. You will be notified by our scheduling department of the progress on your job.
  5. You provide a style guide (usually a print PDF of a previously published work) or choose on of our many interior design samples in our portfolios we can begin the layout process.
  6. Once style is determined, print PDF proof of full manuscript is sent to you within two to three business days.
  7. You make corrections on the Print PDF itself (using Comments feature) and send us the document.
  8. We send final PDF for your approval. Additional corrections at this point will incur a modest surcharge. The first 125 text changes are without cost. Please proofread your book first, or request a cost for our proofreading services.
  9. Once we receive your approval, print-ready PDF of the interior is sent to you and simultaneously loaded into the printing plant of your choice for printing and distribution services. LSI/INGRAM/CREATESPACE and others provide worldwide distribution.
  10. Ebooks (mobi for Kindle, and epub for all other ebook distribution sources) are made within 48 hours of completion of print files (from your print interiors, and cover) and we are happy to load into Kindle, Ingram, Smashwords, and other sources for worldwide distribution.
  11. Note: you can opt out of or geographically limit distribution of print books and/or ebooks.

For cover design, here is how the process works:

  1. You give us book Title, Subtitle, 3rd title (if any), author(s) name(s), back cover text and photo (if desired), publisher name and logo (or ask us to create one for you) your cover design photos, sketches, concepts, images, including any illustrations you may have.
  2. We send you two different cover design proofs options, more if requested.
  3. You choose the one you like and specify any modifications, tweaks, etc.
  4. We send you an updated design, based on your feedback.
  5. Once you’ve approved the design, we finalize the file for printing, a print-ready PDF of the cover (includes front, back and spine in one print-ready file) is sent to you and simultaneously loaded into LSI/INGRAM/CREATESPACE or any book printer for worldwide distribution.

Request a quote
Send us your Word document, Cover requirement
and format requirements (print, ebooks, etc.)
we will provide a detailed quote.

Printed BookCoverKindle Mobi (for Amazon) and Epub

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Want to know more?

Jay Polmar, who has over 50 years in book publishing, is at our headquarters.
He provides estimating, scheduling, and ideas to help you make the process


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