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We can ‘correct and optimize’ ANY writer’s book!

Congratulations on the completion of your manuscript, we hope that it’s a best seller. But even if you are struggling to finish your book, or with it is proof reading, our  book editing services are available to you to transform YOUR words into a marketable book that you can sell to publishers, or sell online or through Amazon. Whatever you are writing about: the process is simple: YOU write it,click here.(email to speedreadamerica@gmail.com – subject: I need my book edited. and specify what service level you want and WE’LL help you perfect it!

Book editing experience & quality writing are of paramount importance

Book editors at speedread.org are published authors and their editing staff. They are degreed and have extensive experience in book writing, proofreading & book editing, and their own history of successfully published books. We confidently offer their services. To get a price quote, and a free sample edit, just send us a sample of your work, and we can give you a rate. To get a free estimatee-mail us a portion of your writing, and indicate total word count of your book. Click here to email speedreadamerica@gmail.com

Specialized work …

We know that some writers have a unique method of putting a free-flow of consciousness on paper and need their book to be structured, rewritten, and often formulated like a Chicken Soup, or Idiots Guide. Our staff can evaluate your work for these special formats and can quote you after seeing your manuscript.

Get your book published fast…

Whatever you are writing, it’s important to you. When you want it published – we come to into play. We are book publishing specialists. And, we work to help you meet your critical deadlines. Let us know your requirements in advance.

Book editing services for ALL of your important writing…

  • Fiction Book Editing
  • Non-Fiction Book Editing
  • Novel Editing
  • Biography Editing
  • Children’s Book Editing
  • Short Stories
  • Chapter Synopsis
  • Book Jacket Cover
  • Press Release
  • Author’s Bio
  • Web Editing
  • And more…

Put us to work on your book project TODAY! Click here to email speedreadamerica@gmail.com


To begin your project click below, make your deposit – and we will begin.


What is the author or publisher responsible for once the service is purchased?

The author or publisher is responsible for submitting their final version of the manuscript in a .doc or .docx file. Recording service does not include editing content. Although editing services are available, they cannot be performed as part of the formatting time schedule.

The author or publisher is responsible for making all final creative decisions and for approving the final files. The author or publisher will need to approve the format. The author or publisher agrees to respond to our project coordinator’s requests within 2-3 business days.

Got your manuscript? Get it proof read – Do it NOW!
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