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You have a book in you just aching to come out …


If you have an idea or an original story and want it transformed into a self-help title, a novel, or a nonfiction book, then perhaps it’s time to hire a ghostwriter service to transform your ideas into published works on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and elsewhere..

The process begins the by sorting through your material available for possible content. Interview with author and determination of what classification of ghost-writer is needed for your project. Then we review our stable of distinguished ghost writers to find one who is best qualified for your project. You are then “introduced” to your ghostwriter and have conversations regarding the beginnings and flow of your project.

Ghostwriting projects generally take about a month for a small project, to many months, depending on the length of the work. A small self-help project could take less than a month if all the research content is supplied and the outline of the work quickly agreed upon..

Simply put, we are self-help publishing service who possesses the talent and experience to make your project successful.
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What is the author or publisher responsible for once the service is purchased?

The author or publisher is responsible for submitting their final version of the manuscript in a .doc or .docx file. Recording service does not include editing content. Although editing services are available, they cannot be performed as part of the formatting time schedule.

The author or publisher is responsible for making all final creative decisions and for approving the final files. The author or publisher will need to approve the format. The author or publisher agrees to respond to our project coordinator’s requests within 2-3 business days.

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