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Standard Interior Book Design Only
$69.00 – up to 100 pages
Turnaround: 14 calendar days

What does the Simple Text Formatting service provide?
(same slide as on the 7 day)
Book Layout and Design

SIMPLE fiction and prose-style non-fiction text layout
This custom text design package combines basic design elements with limited customer service contact. This is a very good choice for those who require a little extra hand holding.

Package includes:

  •  Up to 15 minute initial Skype chat consultation with Project Coordinator to establish general book layout, graphic design and type faces.
  •  Email consultation with Project Coordinator
  •  Creation of title page/inside cover
  •  Creation of copyright page
  •  Creation of table of contents (if needed)
  •  Layout up to 100 pages of text with running heads and folios (page numbers) from your MS Word document
  •  Up to 10 photos, 300 dpi furnished by you, or depositphotos.com, placed in the book
  •  One PDF proof for proofreading
  •  1 round of corrections (up to 20 corrections). Additional corrections $1 each
  •  Final PDF proof for OK prior to sending file to printer
  •  Final PDF files for offset or digital printing*

Designer will create the template for a fast turnaround and a simple, yet professional, layout. This level of composition includes traditional design elements and works best for manuscripts consisting of basic text only, with no images, tables, lists, or text that must be offset from the main body.

When you purchase the Simple interior design option, you may choose from the following basic elements:

  • Trim Size: any size up to 8.5×11, please verify with printing plant to make sure they produce the size you want
  • Main Body Font: One Serif, or One San-Serif (we furnish you font styles, click here)
  • Main Body Font Size: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 pt.

Let Our Designers Do the Rest!

  • Page and margin settings, including gutters, to best suit the needs of your manuscript.
  • Frontal Matter, including proper setup of your title page, testimonials, copyright notice and disclaimer, acknowledgments, dedication, table of contents, preface, foreword, or other introductory pages.
  • Chapter headings will be standardized with a common font, size, and layout.
  • Authors may choose to include a single-level table of contents created from chapter headings.
  • Running heads will alternate author name/book title. (You may also choose no running head.)
  • Page numbers will be automated and set in running feet.
  • All fonts will be standardized according to in-house style guidelines.
  • Text will be fully justified, flush left, or centered – you choice; paragraphs will be indented; and line spacing will be set to proper spacing for easy readability.
  • All layouts include a FREE printer-ready PDF for publication or print. You may use this file to submit directly to your publisher or printer!

To begin your project click below, make your deposit – and we will begin.