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Sample pages with Custom Callouts –  $1.00 each.

Advanced Formatting

Adds customizable elements includes placement of up to 40 images/tables, organization of up to 20 lettered/numbered lists and subheadings, enhanced layout options, and up to 25 free post-format editorial corrections! This level of formatting works best for manuscripts consisting of both basic and complex elements.

For image-heavy manuscripts or those with features such as Index (available at extra charge), footnotes, chapter notes, bibliography, etc. the advanced formatting is the answer!  This formatting service allows for 40 images, add’l images are $.25 each.  If you need help synergizing your text and visual elements, our Advanced Formatting is the solution.

What else does the Advanced Formatting service provide?

This custom text design package combines advanced design elements of higher end non-fiction with liberal project manager contact.

Package includes:

  • Up to 1 hour initial consultation with Project Manager via Skype chat to establish general book layout, graphic design and type faces.
  • Email consultation with project manager
  • Creation of title page
  • Creation of copyright page
  • Creation of table of contents
  • Layout up to 100 pages of text with running heads and folios (page numbers) from your MS Word document
  • Up to 40 photos
  • Up to 10 boxed text inserts (Sidebar or “call-out” boxes are an additional $3 each)
  • Up to 10 tables
  • Up to 20 bullet lists
  • Up to 20 additional photos, call-outs or bullet lists
  • Two levels of sub-heads
  • Basic Index, greater index services see EXTRA CHARGES SECTION below
  • One PDF proof for proofreading
  • 2 rounds of corrections (up to 50 corrections). Additional corrections $1 each
  • Final PDF proof for OK prior to sending file to printer
  • Final PDF files for offset or digital printing*


  • Custom interior template created just for you.
  • A list of heading and body fonts to select from
  • Choice of page numbering and body style
  • Flexibility with design elements such as fonts and page number styles to suit your style. Correction of extra white space, paragraph indents, mixed fonts, headers and footers, page numbering, proper order of Front Matter, including proper setup of your title page, half-title page, copyright notice and disclaimer, acknowledgments, dedication, table of contents, preface, foreword, or other introductory pages.
  • We won’t crop, re-size, or otherwise change your images or photoshop them without advance notice and some extra cost. Contact info@3daybookformatting for costs of photoshopping your graphics. Otherwise, what you submit to us is what will be placed on the page

Formatting does not correct typos, misspellings, incorrect wording, incorrect punctuation, or other editorial issues.

To begin your project click below, make your deposit – and we will begin.